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Fanfare Label

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Cononley, United Kingdom

Fanfare Label

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Fanfare Label is an award-winning, circular fashion label transforming the way people buy, wear and discard clothing.

We are currently stocked at Liberty London, Zalando, and Percy Langley, to name a few. We sell to customers worldwide through our website and the US and Europe are our largest markets outside of the UK.

We are raising £130k now (target min £100k) so we can further develop our product range as we are receiving new orders from retailers as well as deploying into digital marketing to scale up our online revenues.

  • Fanfare offers customers timeless, seasonless pieces that are made to be cherished and reduces waste by turning clothing and textile waste into premium products.

    We offer our customers two main collections. Starting with our jeans collection, they are distinct in their design, high quality and are made to last a lifetime. Jeans are one of the most unsustainable fashion items due to the large amounts of water and chemical usage. We use ozone technology that can be used in place of water intensive stone washing, drastically reducing water, energy and chemical usage in the processing phase. We are ahead of the curve in terms of both design and material innovation, and our jeans are made of 69% Organic Cotton, 20% Post-Consumer Recycled Denim, and 11% Recycled Plastic Bottles & Polyester.

    Alongside our jeans, Fanfare Label offers a conscious collection using bio-degradable fibres with a transparent supply chain and are certified to the highest standards. This includes t-shirts, jumpers and linen sets for summer and winter that can be styled with jeans. Linen and denim are our brand focus as they are the core pieces in customers’ wardrobes that never go out of fashion.

    More recently, Fanfare Label has been named a finalist in the Drapers Sustainable Fashion Award for 2024 for Best Circularity Initiative and also a finalist in three categories in the Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards 2023. These categories are: Sustainable Textile Innovation, Best Supply Chain Initiative and Best Circularity Initiative.

    A native of the fashion world, Esther Knight, the founder of Fanfare Label, had been working in the industry for over 10 years – as a buyer for both high street and designer brands – when she came face-to-face with its unethical underbelly. Poor working conditions, forced labour and tonnes of unnecessary waste feed a market that’s become hyper-focused on cutting costs and boosting margins. Rather than leaving the industry, Esther decided to create a business that tackled these industry problems head on.


    We are filling a gap in the market by offering recycled jeans under £200 that encompasses sustainability factors more comprehensively than other brands. Differences from other sustainable brands and Fanfare Label's denim: - They are priced at a high premium, we offer affordability. - They have no focus on design, decoration, customisation or personalisation. We offer individualism & uniqueness for each customer. - Other brands just focus on one area of sustainability rather than encompassing all elements like Fanfare Label. - Our garments are designed for recycling. - By focusing on: water, chemicals, factories, workers, waste and sustainable fabric, we consider sustainability across the board. Compared to other brands without the full picture focus. - We continue to be the only UK brand offering customers to the option to send in their jeans to be repaired, decorated & upcycled.


    Fanfare Label is strategically leveraging its established credibility in the social impact space to propel sustainability and innovation in product offerings. The 2024 investment plans are instrumental in driving traction and setting the stage for an ambitious scale-up in 2025. Key to this strategy is securing partnerships with two major retailers, Free People and Anthropologie, by year-end, creating brand awareness essential for widespread adoption across the UK, EU, and US markets.

    To complement retail expansion, Fanfare Label is implementing a robust online sales strategy. This includes the recruitment of two marketing experts who will contribute at both the Board and Team levels. Their expertise will enhance the digital marketing strategy and implementation, ensuring that every pound invested is optimised for achieving ambitious growth targets. As Fanfare Label enters this exciting phase of sustainable innovation and market expansion, the 2024 investment plans emerge as a crucial foundation for unlocking unprecedented success in 2025 and beyond.

    With a focus on both retail and online channels, coupled with the strategic addition of top-tier marketing talent, the company is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the fashion industry while maintaining its commitment to social impact and sustainability. Over the next 12 months we will drive brand exposure and increase our customer base by investing in these three key areas:

    1. WHOLESALE PARTNERSHIPS This is a pivotal point for Fanfare Label, we have secured our first retailers; Liberty’s and Zalando. We are on the cusp of huge growth and increased visibility. We have a strong product offering, in demand by retailers. Highlighting our constant development in driving the fashion industry’s innovation within the denim sector and securing newsworthy partnerships. Utilising current retailers outstanding reputation and loyal customer base to attract new retailers.

    2. DIGITAL MARKETING With an in-store presence and increased brand credibility, we will utilise this to implement our digital marketing strategy. Concentrating on increasing visibility and expanding our customer base. By leveraging social media, influencer partnerships, email marketing, interactive website experiences, and content marketing, we can achieve significant growth, increase brand awareness, and boost sales.

    3. PR We have a 3-pronged approach to PR, Investing in newsworthy partnerships, influencer marketing and events. Investing further into these areas to build a loyal customer base and grow our community through consistency and authenticity. PR will lead to increased visibility through social media channels, an opportunity to reach a new audiences, press opportunities and increased social media engagement.

    Raise: With significant milestones achieved in product development, website and team, we are ready to drive significant growth in 2024. In the next two years, we anticipate that our growth will primarily come from retailers and partnerships, with online sales to grow significantly by 2025. Our total funding needs for the year will be up to £100,000 (EIS advanced assurance). This will be used to advance our traction in terms of wholesalers and digital marketing ready for a £400k raise by the end of year.

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